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Welcome to escort surf the canadian escorts directory where escorts and massage parlors can post their érotic ads in cities like montréal  . 

Many montréal escort directories are online , Like humpchies , leolist ,

but not one was able to replace backpage until now . is offering toronto escorts and many more

canadian cities an easy to use interface so the users can find érotic ads fast . 

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Did  you ever wondered why do men pay for escorts in ottawa ?

You probably did ask a buddy of yours…

But who would know the exact answer more than a escort call girl?

That’s why we interviewed 3 escorts in ottawa…Here’s their answer to your doubts. Let’s read this

1 – The fun of paying an escort for time is exciting

a lot of gentlemen pay escorts just for the thrill of paying . Because it is so naughty and forbidden, it also can be a big  turn on for men.

2- It makes men who get escort services  feel like a Superstar

Hollywood movies always feature strippers and escorts during good wild Big sexy parties . If traveling to Montreal or toronto or any other cities, alone or with some good  friends, many people  want to make that Hollywood escorts fantasy party a reality, and hire strippers or escorts to enhance their parties, have threesomes, or fulfil some other wild fantasy  .

3 – the men who hire escort companion feel powerful

its a feeling of power that a man gets when paying for sexual services. It’s like the call girl is his little slave and she will do whatever he wants for the duration of the appointement. Like a sex slave. This can be addictive and exhilarating for a person.

4 – Hiring escorts in montréal or any other canadian cities can save you time

Some men are v busy with their work , lifes, family and responsibilities that they prefer to hook up with escorts because it saves them lots of time compared to dating women. Dating is very time consuming. It can start on dating apps or websites, spending hours to  find someone you are attracted to and chatting with them on your phone or computer.

Then setting up a date, getting to know each other. Sometimes spending a few hours and dates or days  together before agreeing to having sex. A lot of men prefer to ‘skip the games’ and book an appointment with an escort to go straight to the fun part just like the good times backpage and craigslist erotic ads were there .

 getting independent girls from  or other escorts directories . booking girls that work for legit agencies for escorts in Montrealare all good ideas 🙂 

today we are providing you the good canadian escort directories to find érotic ads . good site and easy to find what youre looking for . You can go straight  to personal ads theirs nothing else on other categories . Good site user friendly but only for escorts in québec province . Also a lots of fake ads on this website . So you have to filter them. . Our site provides users a user friendly plateform for escorts and érotic massage parlors all across Canada to place ads. 

Witch escort directories to avoid ?

Ads directories to avoid as an escort or a client

Now we come to the worst of the worst for escort ads . Below is a list of websites that have been known for either straight up scamming people, having many fake erotic ads or using bots to drive revenue to their website platform. We recommend you stay away of these sites.


Does not allow sex workers on the platform. Is known to be full of fake ads and scammers.


Known for fake ads and low traffic. Many sex workers believe it is run by Law Enforcement.


Backpagecredits has a new website, YesBackpage. They were notorious for scamming and offending escortsand posting fake ads, seems things haven’t mich changed.

Adult Friend Finder

Adult Friend Finderis in a similar boat to Bedpage. Known for fake ads and the use of bots.

Erotic Monkey

Erotic Monkey is currently being investigatedby the U.S. authorities including the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Justice


Rubmaps is also under investigationby U.S. authorities including the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Justice.

For more in depth reviews of each platform plus more:

Escort surf is the place to find sexy ads 

for all these specifications below/

Anal escorts 

creampie escorts 

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male escorts

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todays  post

Today i accidentally came into a slightly different Youtube channel run by a escort girl, An toronto escort girl called maya . I liked her informative and pretty entertaining approach to the escort industry so much, that I watched about almost all her videos.

I consider myself an experienced escort companion, and yet I found her content informative and not to say that its really funny. So I though it would be useful to share  her channel on my blog post, simply because I think it is interesting, not because I want to promote her sex services (I don’t know her personally- unfortunately :). I just feel that her brillant and sex pro  attitude is corresponding with my way of thinking regarding the escort activity.

In her videos maya answers questions of males and girls who show some sort of interest for this particular form of adult entertaining. She shares her personal experiences and escort girl stories (some of them are pretty crazy let me tell you . she gives information on how to run the business and questions about safety, screening clients like when was still around , as well as organizing a date with an escort service provider. These compact videos are useful for other escorts in vancouver and other cities in canada , clients and basically for anybody who is curious about the world of sex work and wants to know more escort business. There are videos featuring a broad spectrum of the industry, I am sure, everyone will find something interesting. I believe that her short films are great addition to the information found on my sex blog. Those who have recently discovered escort webpages and are hesitant to book a date, because of lack of information or uncertainties, should definitely go over to her escort youtube channel to collect some hands-on information.

Last but not least, I am happy to show that there are other intelligent, smart, educated women  is working in this occupation. Maya is a great example to show people  that it’s not enough to be pretty and sexy! To become a successful escort service provider on the long run requires dedication, work, as well as smart brains. Many people think that this is not a real job, and it is easy, quick money: we just go for dinner dates, sleep with sexy rich clients and receive big payments in return. This is far from the truth: running an independent escort business takes a lots of  work! One has to find ways to differentiate herself from the others and establish long term relations with the some  clients. Therefore some marketing skills and a healthy business orientated mindset is really important 🙂 

So if you have a few minutes go search on youtube for her chanel !

escort post

Why some men prefer call girls services to a girlfriend

Some girlfriends will not understand your tight schedule

Every girl wants to become the most important thing in their mans life and expects the men to treat her the same . Thats  why some guys are not ready for that, there is no point getting involved with a girl when there are professional montréal escorts that can offer you all what your girlfriend offer you. They will only come around whenever you need them and leave when your life gets busy.

Québec Escorts offer a wide variety

When you are dating a girl, you can’t enjoy  with more other girls. So, dating a girl means you will only have that girl except if you plan to cheat on her or if you are a celebrity. That is a big restriction.  Hiring an escort in montréal gives you access to plenty girls as you can hire one today and hire another one tomorrow or next week . In fact, you can ask more than one of them at the same time if you can afford why not .

When Floyd Mayweather was asked why he has about seven girlfriends instead of just one what was his simple response? He said having just one girlfriend is too close to having none. He was talking about having variety of them. When it comes to dating, you can’t really get what you want because it requires double chances. The girl that you like also has to like you too. So, you may eventually get to settle the girl that is available and not who you really want. But you can choose the particular call girl that you want and she will be  yours.

You can ask a girl out and even call her often and she won’t still say yes or no. Imagine trying to meet a lady for several weeks and you keep getting a no. Why not stop wasting your time? Go for an montreal escort. In fact, what physical attributes does the lady have that you can’t get among outcall or incall escorts? So, you should stop ridiculing yourself by chasing a wome that is just not into you. There are numerous 


With your girlfriend, you can’t be on the receiving end all the time. She expects you to reciprocate all her gestures too. , if she gives you a sexy massage today, she expects you to do the same for her tomorrow or next time . Apart from the fact that most québec escorts are professionally trained to give érotic massage, they do not expect to receive it one in return.

Most girls date because of what is in it for them so they expect to receive a lot more. In some way, you will have to make more work. This is the reverse with canadian escorts.

While your girlfriend is your job to maintain, you are your escort’s work client. Your girlfriend expects you to always think of ways to make her feel good ,while your escort will always look for ways to satisfy you. She is ready to go the extra km to make you happy about her services.

Whether you like it or not, your women is your boss. On the other hand, you are your escort’s boss. So, which one really gets more for value

Having a girlfriend is more expensive

Maybe it  may seem like having a girlfriend is cheaper but on the long terms, you will realize that having an escort is much cheaper. You will take your girlfriend out often. phone call her regularly. You will send her  gifts, Christmas presents and Valentine gifts among others. If you sit down and add all the cost along, it will amount to alot of cash.

What about all that time? And also have little or no time to yourself. When you are bringing her out, it will be to where she wants not where you like. If care is not taken, you won’t have time for any of your guy friends . After all these sacrifices, she can leave you for someone else probably because you made a small mistake or because the other guy is hotter and richer than you.

What about the emotional part ,Do you know how it hurts when your girlfriend leaves  you for someone else? Now, add all that together. Do you still think having a girlfriend is cheap?

Your girlfriend wont be available to you all the time. This is not the same for escorts. They are always at your beck and call. No matter where you are in toronto , she will always be ready to meet you there or you can go to her incall place . Besides, she can escort you to any outing. Just give her a call and she will be there


Girls will assess you

When asking a women out, she does not only consider what you tell her , she also considers your look. To boost your chances of winning the heart of any ladies, you have to be good looking and you should also be physically fit even if you don’t have a six packs . However, escorts in canada do not consider all that. Just order the service and an escort will outcall her to your location .

Why visitors to Montréal need escorts even more

If you are a visitor in Montréal, then you need montréal escorts even more because they will be of offer more benefits to you. Most of them have lived in the montréal city  for years and they know the best restaurants, hotels and night clubs, after hours , strip clubs  in the city. They also know the ones that offer the best deals. So, they can act as a  guide.

Some girls are multilingual. So, if you are coming to Montréal from a country where English is not your first language, no stress. Some of these escorts girls can help you with communication at no  cost. That way, language will not be a problem for you.

If you are on buisness trip, you will likely retire to your room every evening already tired. Your montréal escort can help you relax with a erotic massage sessions and some other romantic services. Sometimes, being in your hotel room alone can be boring and long . So, she will keep your company all your days.

With your girlfriend in the same room with you, you may never be able to do  office work until she falls asleep. And that is if she doesn’t sleep off on you. But once you let your call girl escort know that you want to get busy, she will excuse you or leave. She will remain in the room quietly without causing distractions for you.

In conclusion, dating should only be for those that are ready for the commitments and everything that is  involved. If you are not ready for that, then you are better off with escorts from 

escorte Blog post in french from a user 

Vous avez sûrement deja vu un film porno et  déjà souhaité que les actrices qui y sont soient dans votre lit avec vous.

Les stars de film porno ne sont pas tous connues en dehors de leur monde de sexe, mais entre ses amateurs se trouvent de gens adeptes qui rêvent de réaliser des fantasmes les plus sales et pervers avec leurs actrices pornos .

C’est possible que ses désirs se transforment en réalité ou on doit se contenter d’un sexe plus conventionnel ? Les fanatiques de porno est d’arriver à être un acteur porno un jour ou l’autre, mais c’est une tache difficile .  Donc certains vont appeler  une escorte de montréal ou aitre ville   et pratiquer du sexe avec elle autant d’heures suivies que le porte feuilles puisse payer.

Caractéristiques d’une escort  PornStar

La passion, être sauvage et surtout ne pas avoir de tabous pour pratiquer tout type de posture sexuelle est quelque chose qui caractérise une actrice porno.

 Les hommes aiment une cochonne au lit et une femme en public, mais beaucoup d’autres, le fait de voir sa petite amie faire des baisers chaud (passer le sperme d’une bouche à l’autre), des bisous noirs (insérer la langue dans le cul) ou pratiquer le sexe anal avec des escorte girl.

Que ce type d’escorte à Montreal pratique ce type de services peut éveiller beaucoup de curiosité et d’enthousiasme pour ses quelque clients. Les fans de porno sont autre chose, car ils rêvent d’être la star du porno et de profiter des plus beaux films avec leur star préférée. En fait, le sexe avec une call girl pornstar n’a pas grand-chose à voir avec ce que vous pouvez pratiquer dans la vie de tous les jours . Les plans et le montage du matériel enregistré reflètent une manière de baiser qui des fois il rien à voir avec la réalité. En fait, après chaque plan cul, les zones et les arrêts ont été nettoyés a l’instant.

Cependant, certains préfèrent que leur petite amie (ou escorte) reste silencieuse au lit, sans avoir trop d’expérience en tant que PornStar courtesean et qu’elle n’ait pas fait le kamasutra un dimanche après-midi.

Sexe avec une escorte pornstar

Dans un premier temps, l’escorte pornstar est absolument préparer pour baiser dès le premier regard , sans échauffement ni d’attente à ce qu’elle s’exite. Elle est disposée pour un rendez-vous avec son client et pense à lui donner le meilleur dès service sexuelle.

Même si parfois, l’épilation est une chose quotidienne, il y a des personnes qui ne pensé pas à s’enlever l’excès de pilosité ; bon, cela n’arrivera jamais avec une escorte pornstar qui a seulement des cheveux, comment non, sur la tête et un duvet sur les sourcils, le reste est prêt comme une statue de béton.

Si la taille du pénis de son client est trop gros ou trop petit elles savent faire pour que celui-ci s’amuse le mieux possible et reste totalement satisfait même si elle a mal ou qu’elle ne s’excite pas.

Au moment  de pratiquer le sexe oral, l’escorte pornstar s’introduira le pénis jusqu’au fond de la gorge profonde et en plus on dirait qu’elle ne respire pas pendant quelques minutes avec l’intention de lui offrir la pipe de sa vie ; en plus, elle le fera en regardant le client dans les yeux et en faisant tout type de sons de plaisir pendant le blow job.

Quand viendra le moment d’éjaculer, l’escorte pornstar, si elle offre dans ses services celui de fellation faciale, fera que le client termine sur son visage, une chose propre et quotidienne dans le monde du porno .

Dans la position de la levrette (doggy style), l’escorte pornstar jouira comme une chienne et dira tout type d’expressions qui satisferont pleinement à l’homme en lui et  à le faire avec plus de force et à se sentir comme une star masculine de film porno. La même chose si on pratique le sexe anal, qui n’est pas très commun en dehors des couples et des rendez-vous fous avec des inconnues.

Quand c’est l’escorte pornstar qui arrive à l’orgasme, elle criera de toutes ses forces et dira des choses qui feront de toute l’expérience une chose inoubliable et magnifique, plein de fantasmes réalisés, échange de flux et d’intimités et des souvenirs pour le reste de la vie.

Être la star d’un film porno

Si tu désires être la star d’un film porno, sache que tu peux le faire réalité de la manière la plus simple possible, avec les meilleures escortes de verdun, dans une excellente ambiance et une vigilance totale de la santé.

Tout le monde mérite réaliser ses fantasmes. Heureusement, à La vie en rose tu peux rencontrer les meilleures escortes de luxe de Montreal qui feront de tes rêves une expérience réelle pour t’en souvenir pour toujours, car elles offrent un sexe direct et sans préjugés ni attente, c’est sa profession.

Dans la vie quotidienne on ne baise pas comme dans un film porno ou, du moins, ce n’est pas très probable. Dans un rendez-vous avec une des plus belles escortes pornstar le client dit ce qu’il veut faire et qu’on lui fasse et à partir de là tout devient diversion et plaisir aux mains d’une professionnelle du sexe.

Jusqu’à pouvoir rencontrer une femme disposée à ce pacte, il peut avoir beaucoup de temps et une multitude de rencontres décevantes, c’est pour ça que le mieux est un chemin court mais sure, le chemin de la satisfaction sexuelle à charge d’une escorte qui nous fera nous sentir comme une star du porno.

blog post 

Sugar babies looking for sugar daddy ? 

Funny blog post about escort girls looking for sugar daddy  here is the link from that post

The number one  things you should know about toronto escort agencies are that they are a lot more common than you know. Paid sexual toronto services are actually a very prevalent service, with most surveys shows that around 20 per cent of men in North America have paid for sex call girls at least once. And that is probably a lower estimate, due to the fact that even in anonymous question surveys, some participants don’t offer full answers. These numbers mean that on average, if you take  a few  five friends, even if they might not be willing at admit it, at least one has probably enlisted the services of an escort agency Toronto.

Although the terms are something used often , there is a different between what you can expect from a call girl or escortfrom canada as opposed to a prostitution service in canada . Escort services generally restrict their hires to attractive, personable women without visible drug problems. Men who use courtesean services tend to be far more discerning clients than the everyday john, and often enlist escorts for actual real escorting services, such as for dinner and drinks, in addition to, or even instead of, not always for sexual services.

sometimes it seems like you can read online reviews on just about everything these days, you aren’t mistaken. Escort agencies and services are not exempt from the growing list of services being ranked and Up  through a big online community of review sites like and others . There are sites that rank and review escorts based on a variety of criteria, so you can get a close good idea of what to expect before booking. Of course, such sites are potentially victim to the usual pitfalls of anonymous internet postings, as agencies and escorts can plant positive comments to falsely upgrade themselves. That being said, if you do a good research and read multiple reviews, you’ll probably end up with something pretty close to  the reality.

If you’ve decided that you  you want to give it a try, you should know that the world of professional escorts has its own unique language and terminology. It’s a good idea to familiarize   with some of these words and phrases before you reach out to and  contact call girls in T.O . You will look like you know what you’re doing and it will also helps  you get the kind of action that you’re looking for at first .

For example, an incall means that you meet your escort at her apartment or hotel room. An outcall is the opposite, meaning that the escort will meet you at a place ,hotel restaurant and other places . GFE stands for “girlfriend experience” and this means that your escort will act more like your girlfriend and leave out a bit of the professional side on  distance. On the other hand, there’s the PSE which means “porn star experience” and allows for a wider range of experiences during your sexy time together.

 First step should be to call a good agency. Generally, it is advisable to stay away from random internet posts and advertisements on random escort sites. Using an agency ensures that you have all the options you think you might need and a friendly and knowledgeable staff to help you should you have any questions.

If you’ve found a place you feel good about, imake an appointment. It may sound a bit clinical, but remember you are buying a slot of someone’s time. Keep in mind that these women are  sex professionals and for them, time equals money. Whether you book online or via text or phone call , be sure that you’ve studied the agency’s website closely and have a good feeling about the vibe you’re getting. Their escort’s ads should be up to date and feature recent photos. Once you’ve made your decision, it is just time to sit back, relax, and have Fun . 


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