Strip girl to Escort Girl

From Stripper in montréal to becoming an Escort girl

How I transitioned from being a Full-time lap dancer to a full-time escort

I was twenty years old, when I started lap dancing at a popular branded night club in Montréal.

Montréal is one of the top cities of Canada and I moved there from Québec city, because I wanted to come out of the closet without having to worry about disappointing my family.

I had just finished my nursing course at laval university and I wanted to work as a midwife. I knew Montréal and Longueuil had hospitals with huge maternity wards, so I thought that it was a perfect match, since I was a secret stripper!

I had no experience, and I was required to have further qualifications to become a nurse, more qualifications that would cost more money that I didn’t have.

I was a  party girl

I had a party lifestyle as most girls do. When I moved to Montréal, I moved into a shared house with other student doctors and nurses, they also loved a drink and wanted to let off steam at the weekends, as well as in the odd night in the week.

To gain a social circle I got sucked in and my overdraft got bigger and bigger.

After living off pot noodles for two months and still not enrolling onto the course, but knowing that I still desperately wanted to become a nurse, I decided that I needed to find a job that was full time and would mean I could save and pay for my further school fees.

I tried working in bars and cafes, but my bills and costs of living swallowed the few hundred dollars I made each month.

A stripper in Montréal

One day, in the first week of January 2016, I was in a bar and left my friends to go and clean up in the toilets. There I got chatting to a girl who was dressed head to toe in designer gear. She looked expensive and carried herself in an elegant style. After some social niceties and me lusting over her outfit, I asked her what she did for work. Bold as brass she told me she was a stripper at Platinum lace and then went on to say she has also just started working for an Montreal escort agency.

I ignored the escort comment, as I was so transfixed by the idea of being a stripper.

That night I went home and googled strip clubs in Montreal, serval popped up and before I knew it, I was filling in the application form and setting my phone camera on timer: trying to take sexy pictures of my in stupid positions.

Within 2 weeks I had my first job in the Montréal adult sex industry.

Working at a strip club

My rota was about as unsociable as it’s possible to imagine and I had not told my housemates or family about my new career choice. However, at the time I was only thinking about the money and how this would help get me into my real career of being a nurse.

I worked 3 nights a week to start with: 8 pm till 5 am, meaning that I was tired, and my sleeping pattern was completely screwed.

At first, I was earning more money than I had expected: a good couple of hundred a night. With the additional bonus that dancing for men didn’t bother me, as I had absolutely no sexual interest in with them. So, I had no risk of falling in love with a customer like so many other girls who worked at the strip club.

I needed 12,000$ for my nurse course. As well as paying my 800$ rent each month and the cost of my car and food, not to mention the overdraft that has snowballed since I moved into Montreal

Being a stripper also meant that I needed sexy outfits to entice clients into private dances, which is where the better money was, these weren’t cheap but I saw them as an investment.

I enrolled in the nurse course at the end of March, but all 12,000$ of the course fees was due 2 weeks before the course started at the end of June.

Money struggles

The stripping money was unpredictable, some nights I would go home with less than a hundred, others I would go home with 600-700$. But the longer I stayed at the strip Club the slower the earnings got.

I panicked about what I could do. If I dropped out of the course, it would be another year untill I could enrol again, and I had already pushed my career plans further back than I intended. One night, backstage at the strip club, on a particularly bad night when there were only a few punters and the ones that were present seemed to be tighter than a duck’s arse. I broke down, I was sleep-deprived, and the pressure of the looming financial difficulties was crushing me. I sat crying for a good hour until another girl came in: rushing around to get her things. I didn’t take much notice and she didn’t give me a second look. Once she left, I could hear other girls stood in the mirror room and they were gossiping and bitching about the girl who had just left. Laughing and joking about how she sleeps with the clients, and how she can afford a new BMW, and buy what she wanted, when she wanted.

I went home and I kept thinking about how jealous those girls were, clearly bitching because she was earning a lot, while they were scrambling around for 20$ on a hot sweaty stage with their tits out.

Escorting in Mtl

I wasn’t working for the next few nights and I had planned out how I would approach the girl who the other girls had been bitching about.

It was 2 weeks before we worked the same shift again, at 5 am I watched her troll off into the changing rooms and I hurried after her. I started off with small talk and told her all about my dreams of being a nurse and money struggles hoping she would offer up the information. In return, she told me about how she was a single mum but lived with her parents so had full-time babysitters, which meant that she could work to earn enough money to pay her bills and support her family. Becoming a Sex worker wasn’t her career choice, but it paid the bills. She had dream of owning her own cleaning company when she was my age, but soon came to the realisation that with a young son at home and bills as high as mine it wouldn’t be the quick win that she needed.

After the convo got  dry, I plucked up the courage to ask why she was hurrying off so quickly the last night. She pretty much ignored me, so I came out with it. “Do you do client sex work as well”. She smirked and said: “I think you mean to say, are you an escort?”, “yes”, she said, “yes I am”.

I was relieved, we didn’t know each other and if I had got the wrong information, I could have really offended her.

I babbled on for a while about how I had overheard some other girls in the club were working as “escorts” and that the girl who I met in the toilet who set me on my path to stripping had also vaguely mentioned it.

She knew I was asking for a reason and without me having to ask directly she told me she worked for a popular agency called dreamgirls in Montréal. That she took 120$ and hour and doesn’t have to do much for it. It’s more about conversation and teasing the client, than actual sex. The fact she was a professional lap dancer really helped, as the clients loved the tease leaving little time for anything else unless they booked another hour of course.

She said she works a few hours at the escort agency every weekday night, if she isn’t on shift at the strip club. Then she will rotate her weekend between stripping and escorting. But she was going to leave stripping in the next few weeks as she just didn’t need it anymore.

I was fascinated and she told me all about the clients she saw, the services she offered and how the agency is very flexible with her hours.

When we finished chatting it was nearly 6.30M and my bed was calling. She took my number and said it was good to have a friend with similar struggles as her.

Joining the escort agency

The next afternoon I woke up to a text from her saying that her agency was recruiting and that they were looking for girls for duo appoinments. Which would be perfect for me as I needed someone to show me the ropes and the ultimate highlight would be that I would get to perform with a girl, which made me very excited.

My first couple of appointments were awkward and I was all fingers and thumbs. I felt ugly compared to the other girls and I didn’t know how to treat the male clients when they wanted to get involved in the duo action.

The money spoke for itself though. I called into the montreal strip club sick for a week, so I could give the escorting a good go, and in the first week, I earned over a grand. I hadn’t ever gotten that much at the strip club, with the most that I had ever walked out with being 1000$ for my 3 nights a week, and that was when I was brand new so got a lot more tips. The hours were less at the Montréal escort agency, but more profitable and I didn’t have to sit around a dingy club half naked desperate for a man to offer to buy me a drink, so I had the chance to tempt him with a dance.

The strip club found out that I was calling in sick, so I could escort, and I got a rather rude phone call which ended with me being sacked. I wasn’t bothered as I was loving life and was barely able to close my purse due to the amount of 50$ notes in it.

It took me 3 weeks to get my own solo appointment and I liked it. I felt empowered as a woman and actually got turned on by the guy.

In the weeks leading up to my course, I scrimped and saved working every night and I got my course money together.

Escorting and money

I have now graduated from my course and I’m now a full-time nurse at the age of 25.

My sex career  is behind me. But I’m not saying it’s for good. I would still be keen to do it part-time for a bit extra money, but am now a happily married wife with my beautiful partner.

I wanted to write this article because although it’s not an easy decision to make, working as an escort meant I could have the career I always dreamed of. Maybe one day I will go back to it and aspire to be something else, but for now, I’m happy. I often wonder where I would be now if I hadn’t taken the risk and gone through with the strip club or the escorting. Probably back living with my parents in Québec city, with less than half the life experience I have now.

Adult massage

Adult massage

What exactly is an Adult massage?

Adult massage is one of the most confusing terms in the sex industry: many escorts offer this service, however, so do many parlours, which don’t offer the same other services that escorts from Montréal do.

The things that happen during an adult massage, are usually determined by the person delivering it. It’s all about communication and you should always discuss your expectations about the massage beforehand, so both of you are on the same page. The last thing you want is to make the situation awkward by asking for a happy ending, sex or even oral relief at the end of the session, if it isn’t a service that they provide.

A lot of escorts and massage parlours advertise different types of massage. Tantric massage, Nuru massage, Thai massage, Swedish massage and four-handed massages to name a few.

Swedish massage is a strictly no sex service, performed by someone who has studied massage and knows how to give the client the best experience in relaxation and muscle stimulation.

Whereas Nuru massage is performed with both parties naked, with the masseuse using a special jelly-like gel as a body lubricant to help them slip and slide over the client’s body and genitals. This type of massage can also lead to penetration and climax if agreed before the massage starts.

A four-handed massage is something that should be discussed beforehand. A lot of escorts offer DUO appointments, which means that two ladies will be present at the appointment two ladies. The DUO could either be strictly a massage performed by both escorts at the same time, or it could be a massage that leads to a steamy sex session with both ladies.

Four-handed massages also take place in massage parlours and could involve both masseuses being partly dressed or completely naked. However, in these situations you would not be allowed to touch or initiate sexual interactions with them.

Adult massages montréal have been around for many years, and are often performed by women who are looking to ease themselves into the sex industry, before she decides to take the leap into the world of full escorting and sexual activities with different clients.

Mature ladies may also offer them as a way of providing their clients with sensual experiences, without having to partake in sexual interaction. The mature sex worker will build you up with a sensual teasing massage before leaving you “finish the job” yourself. This may be on your own in the room or if pre-agreed over one of her body parts, such as her breasts, bum or possibly even her face.

Whatever message you have in mind it is always a good idea to check with the provider so there is no embarrassment or awkwardness during the appointment between the two of you. No human is a mind-reader, so communicate with the adult massage provider and let them know what you want!

Érotic massage parlors 

Massage parlors montréal

Escort tips on social media

We speak to thousands of escorts across our Canadian escort directory and we often have reports of ladies and gentlemen struggling to keep their life private, and how they are often hunted down on social media by clients and other sex industry workers.

We wanted to write this article to give you some top tips on how to keep your working life separate from your private social media!

10 top tips to keep sex and social media separate.

1. Use an alias

90% of sex workers, both in the porn and escorting industry, use a fake name while at work. But if your true identity is discovered, try using an alias on social media. For example, if your name is Brandy James janes, on social media, then you could use Bran. J. J or J janes. Try to keep your name vague, so you are harder to find.

2. Make all your social media accounts private

Ensure that your profile can only be found by friends of friends or only if you search for them. By turning your account private, only people you are friends with will be able to see your posts, profile pics, and pictures you have uploaded. Along with personal information and who you are friends with.

3. Do not use your Facebook images on your working profiles

The amount of people who do this is crazy! Even if you have covered your face and blurred anything distinctive in your advertising images, the photograph will still be identified in other ways, so people will know it is you if it is on your social media. Remember image searching technology is only going to improve in the future!

4. Use a separate phone for work

The best way to keep your working life separate from your everyday life is to always use a separate phone for work. This will also stop you from being disturbed out of working hours by persistent clients, it also means that you can’t accidentally share any of your private personal information with clients.

5. Social media and phone number linking

Do not have your phone number on social media, whether it is your personal phone number or your working one. Did you know, that if you save someone bodies phone number in your phone and their number is on social media, it will automatically come up in the « people you may know » section on Facebook. Another reason for you to have separate phones!

6. In-calls and personal information

If you are an in-call escort, then you should pay extra special attention to your surroundings. Ensure you do not leave anything lying around the premises that has your personal information on it. Take all letters home or put them in draws and safe places that the client will not see.

7. Laptops and electronics

Again, if you are offering in-calls, do not leave your laptop or I-pad open while a client is present if they are left alone for just a few minutes, then that laptop or iPad can give them the key to your universe! Not just access to your social media but also your internet banking and all your personal info!

8. Passwords for everything

Make sure that all your electronic devices are locked with a password, and time out after a short period of time. This will stop anyone who is snooping from gaining access to your personal information.

9.Do not look for clients on social media

Although it might be tempting to see what your client’s life is like, their wife? Family? Recent holiday? Do not look! because once the social media platform knows you have searched for their name and clicked their profile, it will assume you know each other, which means your profile will then appear in their » people you may know section ».

10.Knowing the background of your photo

While taking a sexy photoshoot, make sure that nothing in the background is recognisable. No photos of other people, nothing personalised, nothing that could show how or where you spend your personal time, you don’t want your client showing up in your local village hall, knowing you will be in there for your Zumba class! Keep the image backgrounds as plain as possible! After all, you want to be the focus of the image.

We hope this has helped you to keep your sex work and social media separate. Follow these 10 easy steps and you will feel safer online and keep your personal life private!

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Premature ejaculation

5 top tips to for premature ejaculation

No guy wants to cum his load too early, especially while paying  big money by the hour.

Make the most of your booking by prolonging your orgasm and lasting longer in bed.

Premature ejaculation can be frustrating and expensive when spending time with an escort, it can be embarrassing, unexpected and disappointing. Who wants to pay 200$ for ten minutes of pleasure?

Premature affects every man at some point in his life, most commonly in a man’s twenties and thirties, however, it can also start later in life. 

Here are 5 top tips to ensure you are ready to last the duration while spending time with an escort.

1. Masturbate before the booking – if you know you are going to seek an escort, it is a good idea to start preparing a few hours prior. By masturbating at least once before the appointment, this will automatically slow down your ejaculation. Depending on how fast you normally finish, it might be a good idea to masturbate throughout the day in the lead up to your appointment. Space the sessions out and leave at least an hour before your booking.

Do not go overboard! If you masturbate too much and too close to your appointment you may find that you cannot perform at all. Ensure you pace yourself and know how your body reacts, otherwise, the whole affair could be a big disappointment.

2. Ladies first – If you are mentally stimulated by your sexual partner getting off and enjoying the meeting as much as you, should spend the first part of the appointment pleasuring her. Start off with a nice relaxing massage and then move onto oral sex. Once your partner has climaxed, as her to do the same for you. 

Although a massage is nice and sensual, you should then take that time to calm yourself and start from square one.  Building yourself up again when receiving oral sex, then move onto penetrative sex when the end of the appointment is near.

3. The porn tap – if you are one of those guys who just want to fuck like a sewing machine, but you always finish early, the porn tap is for you.

When you feel yourself getting to the point of climax, pull out and tap the head of your penis on your partners. This helps to stop the sensation of ejaculation and buys you more time. You can also squeeze the shaft, which will desensitize the penis.

4. Pills – if you are nervous and find premature ejaculation embarrassing, then a little blue friend maybe the answer. Even though you may still blow your load prematurely, your cock will remain rock hard, so you are able to continue using it. However it is not good to use this method is often, as you may become dependant on viagra and not being able to perform without it.

5. Extra Thick condoms – Yes, we know. You don’t like using condoms, but actually they could be of great benefit to you. Not only projecting your sexual health, especially while using an escort. But by using extra-thick condoms it means you will have less sensation, meaning you will last longer. There are also condoms available specially designed for men who suffer from premature ejaculation, try “Torjan’s Pleasure Extended” which comes with a numbing agent to help prolong your pleasure.

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Lingerie Escorts in Laval

There is no denying that men are very visual humans. When I’m dressing to meet a future client, I will probably  ask them if they would like me to wear anything in particular. In this instance, I’m not talking about role-playing which is something I enjoy doing a lot with my favorite  clients, I just mean what clothes should I put on . 

About half of  the time, the escort laval clients has not thought about what I would be wearing and often times it is his first time with an escort and doesn’t realise that he could ask for more specifics. The other half of the time, especially with clients for laval girls who have become more familiar with me and what looks good on my shapely form, will have very particular tastes in what sort of lingerie I would wear.

If I’m having an inhouse date, or if I’m visiting someone in their laval hotel room. I will always be dressed in some very fine french lingerie to show off my assets. Some clients prefer the classic black plunging bra with my voluptuous breasts almost coming out, g string and garter belt and sheer black stockings, with top high shiny black stilettos of course. Some other clients prefer something a little more relaxed, with a cheeky satin baby-doll and kitten heels while we sit and have a drink. I love this part of the proceedings. He sitting there, glass of whisky in his hand while we make small talk. Even though he’s paid for my time and he doesn’t have to be shy, I love catching a man openly ogling my long shapely legs as I dangle my shoe from the tips of my toes, gently bouncing it up and down.

When his eyes comes back to mine, I like to give a sly knowing smile, as I say something like, “I trust that the merchandise on display meets with your approval mister.” As my eyes show my playfulness, he may smile and chuckle, and I may ask him at that point if he would prefer we use our time with him only admiring my sexy hot  body, encased in sheer fabric, of if he’d like to watch me disrobe, or would he like to do it for me? Some  other laval escort clients , particularly if they have a true fetish for lingerie would instruct me that they would prefer I keep my undergarments on, and maybe just pull it to the side if we have sex in laval.

I can always tell these types, as usually their breathing is a bit laboured when i remove my robe as they sit down. If i’m feeling frisky with these ones I’ll often ask them if they like what I’m wearing, and to elaborate as to the feeling it gives them to see a partially clad, lingerie-wearing sexy woman in front of them.

I know one thing for sure, all men love stockings or pantihose. It looks wonderful on a nice pair of legs, and makes less nice looking legs better. They apparently feel lovely to rub up against, I guess as they are so slippery. For an extra charge some men like me to only give a slow handjob while they enjoy seeing and feeling the lingerie up close. If they want to blow all over the knickers or bras or stockings they are welcome to it – they can take them home as a souvenir.  I’ve heard some even wear them later on. The fact that it turns them on is great as they will be buying me more replacements for me to model at a later date. 

Best lingerie brand for Escorts in Québec and Laval

If it’s one thing every woman knows, is that you can never go wrong with a great set of lingerie. Let alone having the profession as an escort, it’s hard not to stress on how much of an asset owning the right pair of lingerie can be. Besides looking good and having a charming personality as well as those killer bedroom skills, investing in a variety of good branded lingerie and using them during an escorting session with a client is essential. It adds a little sexiness to a session and also shows that you made an effort in seeing your clients. So check out the list of best lingerie brands that made the cut:


Founder Alexandra Popa, blurs the lines between seduction and ready to wear with this seductive lingerie brand. Launched in 2009, it’s clear to see that most of these pieces are inspired by ‘bondage’ but with touches of sensuality in each piece. This brand definitely hits all the right spots when it comes to escorting as it’s not only comfortable and easy to wear with its satin elastic bands but also with its wide array of choices from the Borelle line and collection. All you need to complete any outfit from Bordelle is a whip and one hell of an imagination during your escorting sessions.

Agent Provocateur 

Definitely no stranger to the world of “lingerie”, Agent Provocateur has successfully held the title as one of the UK’s most desirable luxury brand, and for good reason! Founded by famed designer Vivienne Westwood’s son, Joe Corre, the label has for the longest time pushed boundaries with its designs. It made this list because it’s a  brand that is not only fashionable, wearable and beautiful with it’s designs but also affordable as well. So if you’re an escort on a slightly smaller budget, then Agent Provocateur would be a great place to start. This might be worth a mention; celebrities such as Kate Moss, Aussie superstar Kylie Minogue and Queen B herself – Beyonce have all been featured in Agent Provocateur campaigns. 

La Perla

Doubt this list would be complete without quick mention of La Perla! With a history that spans over six decade, this brand has not only withstood the test of time but has also managed to meet a demand of loyal clientele. Almost every woman out there has heard of La Perla, it’s a premium Italian lingerie brand that every escort should indulge in. It brings a whole look of sophistication and class, perfect for those escorting session with your more mature clients. The price might be a steep, but this is brand is worth the investment as each piece uses nothing but premium fabric and out of this world craftsmanship.

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Escorts And search Engines

Mont-Tremblant Québec

Escortsurf is a great way to find that beautiful nice and hot escort that you are looking for in Mont-tremblant, the perfect companion that will not only give you an amazingly fun and good time but, also, is going to turn your life into a more exciting and enticing experience as well!

There is a vast selection of escorts And website on search engines, ranging from all across Canada and Mont-Tremblant, there is an almost infinite selection of women, men, strippers , massage parlors and in-between to choose from. This is one of the reasons as to why the search engine is pretty much important when you are on Escort Surf girls through the vast catalogue of pictures of all the wonderful escort ads offer.

However, even it might seem intimidating at first, to have to look through so many people in order to find that perfect Sexy Mont-Tremblabt companion, we at Escort Surf provide have a system to make it a lot easier for you to find the specific location, service or genre of escorts that will satisfy your needs and, naturally, take you to seven cloud. Theres Also escort ads sites like Humpchies and but so far offers a upscale user friendly plateform . 

On the top left of the page, you can find the box where you would type the location that you want the escort to be from, that is a very simple way to find someone that is close to you or to where you are wanting to travel to!

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Once you’ve clicked it, you would be taken to a section of the website where things get a lot more specific but, never overly complicated.

Here and much like the first section we talked about, you would find the “location box”, where you would be able to type in the location where you want your escort to be located at, however, you now have a lot more options as well.

Maybe you are not just looking for any kind of escort, maybe you want a woman, a man, or escorts agencies, we got you! Right next to the “location box” you have the “gender box”, where you are able to pick the gender of your companion, along with the location.

Underneath the location box, you also have the “services box”, which gives you the option to choose between the services that most appeal to you. Here, it is as simple as ticking the service you are looking for the most, from Escorts, BDSM, all the way to Body Rub or a sensual Strip or Dance, you have plenty of individuals in Mont-tremblant looking for escorts willing to satisfy your needs and provide the services you so desire.

Last but not least we have the more particular kind of Escorts to find. Right next to the “services box”, there is an option to choose between Independents, Establishments or Agencies. Perhaps you want to find an agency that will find the right person for you based on your needs or, maybe you would rather be the one picking your companion, regardless, this box lets you decide the route to take.

We hope this helps you in your future search for the perfect escort on Escort Surf

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If you  happen to be in or around Montréal, for either business, Work or pleasure and are in need of company, then you might want to seek out the very best job might not be as easy as a task as any because, well, there are more than a fair share of escorts in Montreal as it is. 

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You’ll Be Assured of a Plethora of Sex Experiences 

Escorts are supposed to bring all sorts of sexy  fantasies to you. And that’s exactly what the escort montreal services are here for. If you’ve never had an encounter with an montreal exotic girl, then this will be your ultimate shot to do exactly that. from Chinese girls all the way to french girls, you’ll most certainly be spoilt for choice when all is said and done. 

If you’re the kind of  call girl client who isn’t easily satisfied with one, then there’s absolutely nothing to stop you from hiring a duo for your own pleasure. You’ll also get the chance to enjoy call girls who are tattooed and those who also have a thing for different foot fetishes. Simply put, you wont have to  be shy away from living your sexiest dreams since there’s definitely a girl, or two, who will be there to make all of your Sex fantasies come true.

If you’ve ever fantasized about having an intimate relationship with a quebec pornstars, whether it’s a long term relationship or just a one night sex montréal hookup, then you ought to try out Montréal GFE services as soon as possible. Just make sure you are checking out the categories and clicking on the Québec pornstars that you want for an experience like no other!

Their Website Has Great Interface 

Looking for the sexiest montréal escort has never been easier thanks to the existence of the directory/website. First things first, the interface is great. Unlike most escort directory services, the GFE escort directory isn’t chromed with a lot of unwanted information. They do understand what a client needs and needless to say, will almost always get straight to the point.

And how would they do that? its simple. They have designed the interface of the Escort girl website quite simply. There are plenty of girls in Montréal, Qc . Therefore, the creators of the directory only took their profiles and first names. The latter makes it easy for any clients to see whatever they want and get in contact without bothering about reading Sex ads escort. 

If anything, the latter will only make the interaction more entertaining since its always fascinating to get to know each other. The incredibly convenient interface aside, it is very important for an escort agency to respect the client’s time. Which is why the GFE directory has got an indicator of the girls who are available and those who aren’t. 

The work  means that if you are in a hurry and are looking for a quick hook up mtl fix, you can simply check out the girls who have green dots on the right hand side of their profiles which shows that they are online and ready to Play. You can also choose to look for the girls who are either new to the service or are available in the city, depending on whatever Dirty your fancy.

These  Hot  girls aren’t just for sex only. You can also bring them along to public events as an arm candy in a bid to earn yourself a name. These super hot mtl escorts will also be able to listen to you talk about your issues without a drop of judgment which can be good as far as therapy is concerned. And the fact that you can get intimate with them after that makes it all worth it when all is said and done.


Another reason why GFE is a thriving montreal escort agencies is simply because their girls are always available and on time or almost. They do this because they not only understand but also respect their client’s time and will do all in their power to show up at the time you desire them. The latter is what makes them incredibly awesome especially when you need them last minute.

They are asxy  and are good at what they do and will make that extra effort to give you your money’s and time  worth. It is also very possible for you to book one model for more than one occasion. They also do come in different categories all depending on whatever you can afford. Meaning if you want the best of the best, then you might want to check out the Montréal Escorts on the site Escort Surf.

Thanks to their availability, you can always count on these beautiful girls to show up. The latter means you will never find yourself feeling lonely whenever you are in Montréal. You can either have your fetish escorts or busty escorts knocking at your Hotel door at whatever time you feel like you need some hot  courtesean companionship. 

You’ll Be Spoilt for Choice 

Another thing you’re bound to be impressed with is the variety that the beautiful Montréal escorts have to offer. For instance, if you are looking for girls with different cap sizes, all you’ll need to do is check them out and find whatever makes you tick. They do have different hair colors as well hair types, which is also meant to give you the much needed choices since different clients come with different preferences. 

So how would you find the best escort? Its quite simple especially when it comes to this particular service. All you’ll need to do is log into their official website. Once you’ve done so, your next order of business would be to scroll down the website looking for whatever tickles your fancy. 

The escorts, who are mostly gorgeous and almost naked, always have their photos on their profiles. And since their nice bodies is the first thing you see, you can always choose the ones that you like at first glance which makes the whole job easier as well as Fun. 


Whenever you are in The city of montréal, then it would be in your best interest to go for the best. Truth be told, there are more than a lot of  escort services that you can choose from. But that doesn’t mean all of them do offer the very best. Understanding that everyone comes with their fair share of preferences, it is very important for you to feel free and choose whatever you wish because chances are that you’ll find what you need in there. 

Also as we said earlier, affordability is also another good  reason you’ll need to check those GFE escorts. They all have something for every budget. The beautiful girls can also negotiate with clients since their ultimate goal is not just to make you happy but make you happy without going broke. 

Last but not least, you maybe want to hook up with sexy girls who are interested in making you happy and that’s exactly why you need to check out GFE escorts the next time you find yourself alone in Montréal.

Escort Gatineau

Escort in gatineau

Escort services in Gatineau are one of the most popular Services that people buy. When many people think of escort services,  they often think about is something inappropriate. However, there are a lot of legitimate services that an escort can provide to people that are visiting gatineau. There are many business  people that will use an escort gatineau service to show them around the beautiful city for the first time to come. Many men also enjoy bringing escorts to different casual meetings, and they can be a great way to entertain business guests in a wide variety . Anyone that is looking to use an escort service needs to keep a couple of things in their heads. Here are several tips for using a hot blonde escorts in Gatineau and how they can make the experience better for everyone.

Use Legitimate Escort agencies

There are many  girl companies in this  sex industry that are wanting to exploit their workers. It is always a good idea to stay away from these types of escort companies. There are plenty of useful    good services that escort services provide that are completely legal. If a clients company uses the services of a bad escort service, it could look bad from a public relations stand point with their customers. It is always better to be safe on the front end and make sure the service company you are working with has a perfect reputation. Although it should not have to be said, not everything is legal in gatineau . Many people have gotten in to a lot of legal trouble in the city because they thought they could get away with anything. Escort services have a valuable place in society, and the people that work as escort should be treated with respect.

Ask Questions

One of the best services that escorts provide is knowledge about the city and the people within it. Gatineau has many personalities within the borders of the city. It is always good to know who the high end places are in various areas. Many people want to conduct business deals in Gatineau Québec because the economy is growing at a rapid pace there. Escort services may have a contact for a company that needs to be used. This is just one example of how escort services can provide high value services to people that are visiting the city of gatineau .

Choosing an  Gatineau Escort

There are many variables that go in to choosing an escort from an escort service. Many people want to simply pick the most attractive escort surf girl that they can find. Although this may be what they are looking for, many escorts girls have much more to offer than simply looks. Choosing an escort to work with should be a well thought out decision for men. Using a great escort can make the time Gatineau much more Fun. Anyone that wants to choose an escort should look online for any reviews on websites. This is a great way to determine if the escort service, or the agencies working in gatineau, are actually providing value to the clients that they serve. Always remember that gatineau has a very unique culture that is unlike any other city in Canada. It is always a good thing to know some places in the cities you visit.

 Sex escort Industry Growthétier)

As the economy has improved in gatineau, elective services like that of an escort have grown greatly. There are many places in the city that have enjoyed success in past years. This has brought a lot of money flowing in gatineau city that is ready to be spent. These escort services are starting to make high profits again, which means that they can invest more in their service. There is a growing market for high class escorts with a good education to accompany people throughout the city on their trips and meetings.

Stay Safe

Another important tip when using an escort service is to always stay safe. There are many people that try to do too much when they go to gatineau in an attempt to see everything they can. Staying safe should be the number one priority for everyone that is visiting the city. A good escort will be able to help clients with avoiding the worst parts of the city 


Overall, there are many escort services in the city Gatneau that people can choose from. Contrary to popular belief, escort services can provide a valuable service to customers that is completely legitimate. There are many people that use escorts as a guide around the city. There is a growing market for high class escorts that have a great education and can carry on an intelligent conversation. Anyone that is looking to use an escort service should do their homework on the front end. There are still many escort services that are looking to exploit their clients for financial gain.

Escort work and covid-19 uptades

Sex workers and clients, as you may have probably heard during the last weeks or so, the coronavirus pandemic is out there, and it causes havoc among everyone. Although, for  most children and  most young adults it is not life danger symptomes , for older persons and people with chronic diseases, the COVID-19 may be a real big  health risk.

And, because all mass-media and social media seems to have gone crazy these few last days, with alarming news that create panic and that doesn’t fully answer all of our questions regarding the coronavirus around the workd, we wanted to offer you some official information, received from the World Health Organization, regarding COVID-19 and the measures that we must take in order to prevent it from spreading this Virus even more.

The most important thing in this situation is to keep calm, choose a reliable source of information, like the World’s Health Organization website ( and the website of the local Ministry of Health in order to avoid false information or panic, and follow the hygiene measures that can keep you away from this virus, because we are talking about a real threat and no one is fully safe against it.

What is COVID-19 and what are the symptoms?

The coronavirus is an easily transmitted infectious disease among people. The most relevant symptoms are fever, tiredness and dry cough, and in some cases, it may come with other manifestations like aches, sore throat, nasal congestion or runny nose.

Try avoiding crowded places like shopping malls, supermarkets, concerts, restaurants, theatres and so on, because COVID-19 spreads extremely easy, through small droplets from the nose or mouth of the person infected, when that person coughs or exhales.

These small droplets can land on the surfaces or objects you touch, and then you can carry them from your face to your eyes, mouth or nose and get infected, or they can be inhaled by breathing next to an infected person that sneezes or coughs.

What can you do to prevent getting infected?

1.      Wash your hands with water and soap as frequent as possible.

2.      Cover your mouth and nose with your elbow or a one-time use tissue, when sneezing or coughing.

3.      Stay home if feeling ill. Call your doctor and see if you need to be checked.

4.      Avoid crowded places or traveling.

COVID-19 statistics

·       80% of the infected people recovered without any special treatment, only the remedies meant to alleviate the symptoms.

·       1 out of 6 patients develops difficulty breathing, and we are talking especially about the high-risk demographic.

·       1 in 5 people with COVID-19 needs hospital care.

·       The incubation period (the time between catching the virus and experiencing specific symptoms) ranges from 1 to 14 days.

·       Antibiotics do not work on coronavirus because they are meant for bacterial infections and now we are talking about a virus infection.

·       Pets do not transmit the COVID-19.

·       Packages from the affected areas are not contagious.

·       At the moment there’s no vaccine against COVID-19, but scientists are working on it.

Keep in mind that this virus, although is mild on children and young adults, it can be really problematic for older persons like your parents, friends, neighbors or grandparents, or for people with pre-existing medical conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, lung disease or cancer.

Keep them safe by not exposing them to the possibility of catching the virus and do your best to help them avoid crowded places, by maybe helping them with the groceries or drug store runs.

Be responsible and avoid situations that might expose you to catching the virus from dates that might have been to affected areas.

Scientist are still investigating the virus so updates can come up every day, just follow a relevant source of information (like the ones mentioned by us earlier) and ignore the alarmist news and social media posts, because they do more harm than good.

Stay safe and keep others safe around you!

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